Las Islas Columbretes

Pure and unspoild 

It feals like going back in time, to a world before men started to change her.
Experience with us las Columbretes

Near Valencia

The islands are in front of the coast of Castailon, around 60 kilometers from Valencia city. After 3 hours of sailing you will reach Las Columbretes.
We take care of all.

An archipelago divided into 4 islands

Because it is on a reasonable distance from the mainland and has a rough marine environment, the flora and fauna of the islands are rich in native species. These days illa Grossa is the only island that can be visited.

Moreover, only with permission.

Unique ecosystem

Due to the volcanic origin and the insulation, different animal and plant species can thrive.
As a result, we have a unique but also vulnerable ecosystem.

Ideal for diving or snorkeling

The crystal clear water provides a wonderful dive. Both for snorkeling and for diving with bottles.
Of course it is not allowed to fish.